Our Tours

Cross Country Tour: Los Angeles to Boston

This is our primary tour that takes us over the Continental Divide in New Mexico, along Historic Rt. 66 and to the Dalton Brother’s Hideout in Kansas. Continuing east we will ride the Lewis and Clark Trail in….. Click here for details

Southwest Tour: Los Angeles to Albuquerque

Our route takes us from the Pacific Ocean in Los Angeles through Sedona, AZ where you will be treated to awe-inspiring views of the Red Rock Mountains and Oak Creek Canyon. We spend a rest day … Click here for details

Middle America Tour: Albuquerque, NM to Champaign, IL

Each day will bring a new adventure and spectacular scenery as we cross the mountains in New Mexico, and the prairies in Kansas on our way to the Yellow Brick Road, the Lewis and Clark Trail, and the Mighty Mississippi. Our route meanders….  Click here for details

Eastern U.S. Tour: Champaign, IL to Boston, MA

A magnificent landscape of rolling green pastures, flowering vineyards and sandy beaches make the Eastern U.S. tour a wonderful exploration of natural treasures…..  Click here for details

Choose a Segment

CrossRoads understands that not everyone has the time or resources to spend seven weeks cycling across the U.S.A.   You can join our Cross Country tour anywhere along the way, and depart at any time that fits….  Click here for details

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