Eastern u s tour 2



2019: June 12 to June 29

2019 Prices

Per Person: $5,495.00
Sgl Upgrade: $1,100.00

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“It didn’t take long for me to forget the day of the week, stop reading the newspaper and start appreciating the freedom and relaxation at hand. My life at home is so regimented that I appreciated the care-free life on of tour.” DM

“The meals were excellent and always more than I could eat. The SAG stops were well timed and provided anything we could dream of including music for dancing. ” SJ

Eastern U.S. Tour

A magnificent landscape of rolling green pastures, flowering vineyards and sandy beaches make the Eastern U.S. tour a wonderful exploration of natural treasures.

This tour boasts a rich history of the American Revolution including Minuteman Park and the Old North Church in historic Concord, Massachusetts. We spend a rest day on the quiet beaches of Lake Erie, sample homemade Amish pastries and ride along Canandaiqua, New York’s Finger Lakes. Our tour finishes with New England’s charm in full bloom as we ride through quaint villages in Vermont and New Hampshire with museums, ice cream shops and bakeries.

Come celebrate the uncomplicated existence of tour and indulge yourself in a simplicity found only on a bicycle.

*Our Eastern U.S. tour is the last leg of our Cross Country tour from Los Angeles to Boston. If you would like to join us at any other point along our route see Choose a Segment or call for details.

Cyclists and Groups

Average age: 62
Oldest: 80
Youngest: 30
Typical age range: 35 to 70
Group size: 20 to 25 (Includes Cross Country riders)
Typical male/female ratio: 60/40
Leaders per tour: 5 to 7
Support vehicles per tour: 3

Tour Days

Total number of days: 18
Rest days: 1
Riding days: 15
Orientation day: 1
Departure day: 1


Weeks: 2.5
Miles: 1,177
State lines: 8
Miles per day: 78 (Avg.)
Longest day: To Marysville, OH – 104
Miles Shortest day: To Boston, MA – 18 Miles


Most gain: To Brattleboro, VT – 5,880’ of climbing
Least gain: To Boston, MA – 720’ of climbing
Highest point on tour: Hogback Mtn, VT – 2,412’ above sea level
Lowest point on tour: Boston, MA – 0’ above sea level

State Lines

New York
New Hampshire

*Our Eastern U.S. tour is the third leg of our Cross Country tour from Los Angeles to Boston. If you would like to join us at any other point along our route see Choose a Segment or call for details.

Yes, You Can!

You might be questioning your ability to complete a long distance tour or ride across the country on a bicycle. Our tours may seem daunting but it matters not your age or skill level, rather your attitude, courage and determination. It is the simple act of pedaling one day at a time, at your own pace, with the camaraderie that shines through every group that turns your dream into reality!

Theodore Roosevelt said it best, “Far better it is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, though checkered by failure, than to take rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy much nor suffer much because they live in that gray twilight that knows neither victory nor defeat”!

Our promise to you is that we will work together before tour discussing your cycling history, fitness, equipment, goals and desires then develop a plan to help you prepare for the most extraordinary adventure of your life. This is what we have done with every one of our alumni and this is what we will do for YOU and with YOU!

Accept the challenge and become a member of the very elite group of cyclists who have pedaled their bicycles across the United States of America or completed an ultra-distance bicycle tour!

Please call so we can help you begin preparing for YOUR victory!

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  • Champaign, IL
  • Crawfordsville, IN
  • Indianapolis, IN
  • Richmond, IN
  • Marysville, OH
  • Wooster, OH
  • Niles, OH
  • Erie, PA
  • Erie, PA
  • Hamburg, NY
  • Canandaigua, NY
  • Syracuse, NY
  • Herkimer, NY
  • Albany, NY
  • Brattleboro, VT
  • (Ride through NH)
  • Burlington, MA
  • Boston, MA
  • Boston, MA
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Points of Interest
  • Arrival
  • First Day of Riding, First State Line, Eastern Time Zone, Home of Ben Hur author L. Wallace, Famous “Old Jail Museum”
  • Home of Zipp Wheels, Lots and Lots of Cornfields!
  • Famous “All American Rose Garden” (2,000 roses)
  • Second State Line, First Century, American Legion Park, Father's Day!
  • Home of Rubbermaid, Amish Homesteads, Historic Glacial Area
  • Birthplace of President McKinley, Amish Bakeries and Farm Stands
  • Third State Line, Presque Isle on Lake Erie, Famous “White Turkey Root Beer Stand”, Old Town Erie
  • Rest Day
  • Fourth State Line, Lake Erie Vineyards and Wineries, Nearby Niagara Falls
  • Finger Lake Beachfront Cafes and Attractions, Canandaigua Wine Trail
  • Erie Canal State Park, Women’s Rights Hall of Fame, Birthplace of Memorial Day
  • Mohawk River Valley, Fort Klock Homestead
  • Erie Canal’s Lock #17, Shaker Furniture Museum
  • 1,000 Miles!, Fifth State Line, Vermont’s Green Mountains, Two State Line Crossings! Bennington Battle Monument
  • Sixth State Line, New Hampshire’s White Mountains, Mohawk Trail Museum
  • Seventh State Line Crossing into Eighth and Final State, Historic Concord and Lexington, Revolutionary War Monuments
  • Final Ride to Revere Beach, Atlantic Wheel Dip, Celebration Banquet
  • Departure