What's Included


Rest and recovery are an important part of long distance touring and to that end we stay at only the best business-class hotels available in each town! Here is a sampling of hotels used during tour.

  • Hilton Garden
  • Hampton Inn
  • Drury Inn
  • Holiday Inn Express
  • Fairfield Inn
  • Courtyard Marriott
  • La Quinta
  • Springhill Suites
  • Comfort Suites
  • Sheraton Suites

Standard accommodations for all tours is double occupancy. Private room upgrades are available for an additional fee.

Luggage Delivery


The ultimate comfort on a long distance tour is finding your luggage neatly placed on your bed after a long day's ride! Your luggage will be transported daily in the CrossRoads’ support truck and delivered to your room before you arrive. Your leaders will inspect EVERY room for cleanliness, turn the air conditioner on and open the drapes so that your arrival is as pleasant and welcoming as possible!


Proper nutrition also plays a big role in your recovery and as such we use only well known sit-down restaurants that offer a wide variety of food well suited to meat-lovers, vegetarians and vegans alike. Here is a sampling of restaurants we use during tour.

  • Applebee's
  • Texas Roadhouse
  • Chili's Bar and Grill
  • Outback Steakhouse
  • Cracker Barrel
  • Ruby Tuesday

Order any entree and soft drink on the menu - the choice is yours!

Registration Packet

We know that by providing the best, most comprehensive pre-trip materials you will be well prepared for your big event! As soon as you register we will email your Welcome Packet, Pre-Departure Guide, and Training Manual, all designed to help you get ready for tour.

Our registration materials will expand your knowledge of long distance touring, improve your cycling skills and boost your fitness level, all of which will greatly impact your success and enjoyment during tour! Here is a partial list of information you will receive in your welcome email.

Welcome Packet

  • Itinerary
  • Packing list
  • Route map
  • Travel protection flier

Pre-Departure Guide

  • Arrival and departure details
  • Schedule of events
  • Bicycle transport recommendations
  • Bicycle assembly and packing information
  • Recommended bicycle set up
  • Outline of our daily tour routine
  • Tips and Tricks for Long Distance Cycling

Training Manual

  • Ten week training program
  • Cycling improvement drills
  • Recommended training goals
  • Strategies for winter training

The material emailed to you upon registration is just the beginning of your journey with us! Continue reading to learn more about your pre-trip experience; it is sure to impress!

Pre-Trip Support

Preparation and participation in a long distance tour is very different than that of a typical cycling vacation. Our goal is to answer all of your questions before you can even think of them and to help you be fully prepared, feeling confident when you arrive!

Our commitment to our cyclists goes far beyond our written materials. Owner, Tracy Leiner and her staff will share their experience and know-how through private web sites, weekly News Flashes and telephone conversations. We will also provide a pre-trip time line that will help you stay focused on training and preparations during the months leading up to tour. Here is what you can expect from us before your tour begins.

Four Months Before Tour

In January we begin ramping up to the big event by emailing weekly News Flashes with information that will help you plan for every aspect of tour. Our News Flashes will continue right up to your tour departure date with the goal of educating and motivating so you can enjoy the most remarkable adventure imaginable! Here is a small sampling of topics covered in our News Flashes.

  • Airport transportation
  • Hotel information for early arrivals and extended stays
  • Proper recovery food and drink for long distance cycling
  • Bicycle saddle, shorts, chamois cream recommendations
  • Comprehensive list of our favorite cycling products
  • Bicycle overhaul recommendations
  • Bicycle packing instructions for your local mechanic
  • Where and when to ship your bicycle at the start of tour
  • Bicycle packing and shipping details for the end of tour
  • Cleaning supplies provided during tour
  • Energy bars and gels provided during tour

Three Months Before Tour

At this point in time we will provide the password to our online Reference Library where you will find an extensive list of documents available anytime of the day or night! Here is a partial list of the material you will find in our Library.

  • Hotel address list
  • Sample route sheet
  • Tour itinerary
  • Orientation schedule (Los Angeles)
  • Boston schedule (Atlantic Wheel Dip and final banquet)
  • Desert safety
  • Cycling in inclement weather
  • Bicycle handling skills and drills

Two Months Before Tour

With just two months until tour we begin collecting information needed to make your arrival and departure from tour seamless. We will also email your Tour Handbook complete with information about our daily tour routine and overall safety.

  • Tour Handbook
  • Bicycle cleaning Tips and Tricks
  • Packing tips for “life on tour”
  • A Typical Day on Tour (daily support, meals, cycling routine)
  • Overview of tour life (laundry, hotel Internet, Route Rap)
  • Protocol for group riding
  • Cycling hand signals and voice commands
  • Safe cycling procedures
  • Online Travel Planner

So that we can best serve you at the start and end of tour, as well as properly service your bicycle during tour, we will gather the following information before you leave home.

    Start of Tour

  • Arrival date: Will you arrive before the official start date?
  • How will you get to tour: Fly or drive
  • Bicycle transport to tour: Courier, car, airplane with you
  • Bicycle Assembly: Will you need help or will you assemble your own bicycle?
  • Component brand: Shimano, Campy, SRAM

    End of Tour

  • Departure date: Will you extend your stay?
  • How will you return home: Fly or drive?
  • Bicycle transport from tour: Courier, car, airplane with you
  • Bicycle packing: Will you need help or will you pack your own bicycle?
  • Bicycle shipping: Will you need help with arrangements?
  • Bicycle box: Will you need a cardboard box for transport?

One Month Before Tour

With tour just one month away, group introductions will begin through our private web site so questions can be asked and excitement shared. Your CrossRoads' duffel bags and team jersey will be shipped so you can transport your personal gear to tour in grand style! Here is a list of items that will be sent one month before tour.

  • CrossRoads team jersey
  • Two CrossRoads duffel bags
  • Two CrossRoads luggage tags

Dedicated to Your Success

We have been through the “pre-trip process” many times and we enjoy sharing our knowledge and experience with our cyclists. We consider this a very important part of your adventure with us and we will dedicate ourselves to YOUR success!

Orientation Day

The first day of your Cross Country tour will be filled with activities from the minute you wake until the minute you retire for the evening.

If your bicycle was assembled by CrossRoads or our partner bicycle shop it will be available first thing in the morning for final tweaking and a short warm up ride with your fellow group members.

Mid-afternoon will bring Orientation and our first Route Rap where you will meet the entire tour staff and receive your CrossRoads goodie bag, tour packet and route sheets for the entire tour. Owner Tracy Leiner will discuss overall safety and cycling protocol for groups, review our daily tour routine then conduct our first official Route Rap bringing attention to noteworthy sights along our first day's route.

Late afternoon is the time to relax by the pool or enjoy a beverage and conversation in the hotel Bistro. Dinner will follow at 6:00 pm with a delicious offering prepared by our host hotel, then it is back to your room to prepare for your first day of riding with us!

First Day of Riding

California State Sign (New)

When you wake on Sunday morning, you and your group will enjoy your first breakfast together, make final preparations then line up for our escort to the Pacific Ocean. Your cycling adventure begins right here, right now! Take a look.

  • Breakfast: 5:45 am
  • Bring luggage to lobby
  • Pump tires
  • Line up for vehicle escort to Pacific Ocean
  • Dip front wheel in Pacific
  • Group Photo
  • Line up for first pedal stroke East!
  • Pedal to First SAG – have FUN!!
  • Pedal to Second SAG – have MORE fun!
  • Pedal to hotel in Riverside, CA
  • Relax in Jacuzzi
  • Shower
  • Nap
  • Route Rap: 5:45 pm
  • Dinner: 6:00 pm
  • Meet for ice cream!
  • Prepare for Day 2
  • SLEEP!

Our Support System

With personal attention and safety at the heart of CrossRoads, we have crafted a system that allows us to support a wide variety of cycling abilities and fitness levels. Our support system has evolved to one that now sets the standard for long distance touring!

Tour Leaders

Every tour has a minimum of six well-seasoned leaders that share the same goal of providing a rich, rewarding experience for everyone. Our leaders are on call 24 hours a day, ready to handle emergencies, manage logistics, and be your guide to most every little thing. You can count on us to be there when you need us!

Cycling Leaders

A vital part of our support includes two cycling leaders on the road ready to help with flat tires, calling for a van, or taking you to the best pie shop in town. All of our cycling leaders have ridden their bicycles across the country, and are keenly aware of the challenges you may face and the victories you will experience!

Support Vehicles

CR Van - To Quincy

During each riding day, three vehicles dedicated to rider support will drive along the route, bunny hopping each other to provide the best possible coverage. All vehicles are equipped with high-power EMT quality two-way radios so your leaders can communicate with each other and act quickly if needed.

You and your group members will be welcome to ride in our support vehicles anytime during the riding day, getting in and out wherever safe. Our leaders will make recommendations on the best pick-up and drop-off points so everyone in the group stays within our support window and receives the same level of service.

Our vehicles are stocked with first aid supplies, food, drinks, pumps, tools, tires and more. Unwanted clothing can be left in our vehicles to be picked up at the hotel which means you can lighten your load as the day goes by.

Mechanic Support

Larry - Mechanic (New)

Our skilled mechanics are available on the road and at each hotel to service your bicycle. Our two support vans carry tools, supplies, and replacement parts so our mechanics can keep you rolling during the riding day. Our third support vehicle serves as our mobile repair shop carrying heavier-duty tools, repair stands, and larger replacement parts.

SAG Stops

Every SAG Stop is marked on our route sheet so you know exactly where you will find support. We will always have one to three strategically placed stops at 30 to 40 mile increments depending on the day’s mileage, terrain and availability of services.

At each SAG Stop, you will find an assortment of energy bars and gels, two selections of fresh seasonal fruit, delicious baked goods, drinks, and more. Our daily offerings are hearty and healthy, and will keep you well fueled for the miles ahead!

Our SAG Stops are designed to be a place to rest and refresh during the riding day. Lively music, enthusiastic leaders, and delicious food will make for a fun place to gather!

Energy Bars and Gels

Food - Fruit (New 2)

At each SAG Stop you will find an assortment of name brand energy bars and gels! We are proud to say that we are the only long distance tour operator to offer this treat to every cyclist!

Route Sheets

At the start of your adventure, you will receive route sheets for your entire tour so you can plan visits with family and friends and search for interesting sights along the way.

Owner Tracy Leiner travels with every group, refining our route sheets, always on the lookout for newer, prettier, and safer roads! This is a unique service provided only by us, CrossRoads Cycling Adventures and Tracy Leiner! You will find no better route sheets on any tour, guaranteed!

Route Rap

Every night before dinner, your tour leaders will discuss the next day’s ride including road conditions, planned stops, and points of interest. Highlighters and pens will be available so you can mark special sights on your route sheets for easy reference while cycling.

Rest Days

During our Cross Country tour, you will enjoy five days of rest and relaxation in towns and cities with great history. Our first rest day will be in the high mountain air of Flagstaff, AZ, our second in Santa Fe, NM, then historic Abilene, KS with President Eisenhower's boyhood home and museum. Our last two rest days will be in Champaign, IL, and Erie, PA where our Sheraton hotel sits right on the Erie lake front and marina.


Quality of food and service are two factors used when choosing restaurants for our tours. We use only well known sit-down restaurants that offer a wide variety of food suited to meat-lovers, vegetarians and vegans alike. Restaurants such as Applebee's, Outback Steakhouse, Texas Roadhouse, Chili's Bar and Grill, Ruby Tuesday, and Cracker Barrel are typical restaurants used during tour.

When dining with CrossRoads, you will be free to order any entree and soft drink on the menu - the choice will be yours! (Alcohol, appetizers and dessert not included in tour fee.)


Dinner is included on all riding days except evenings before rest days and rest days themselves. We also provide four additional evenings where you will be on your own, free to explore local bistros and cafes without the structure of the tour routine.


Breakfast will be provided everyday of tour at local restaurants and/or hotels, and you will be free to order anything on the menu.


A light lunch will be provided on the longer, more challenging days so you will be well fueled for the miles ahead. Whether meat or veggie wraps, pasta salad or hearty bagels and cream cheese, you will always be well fed by our staff.


Rest assured, we stay at only the best business-class hotels available in each town! Hotels such as Hilton Garden, Hampton Inn, Courtyard Marriott, Springhill Suites, Holiday Inn Express are typical hotels used during tour. Cleanliness, quality of service and your comfort are our highest priorities used when choosing hotels for you and your group members!v

Luggage Delivery

Your luggage will be transported each day to the next hotel in the CrossRoads’ truck, and delivered to your room before you arrive. Your leaders will inspect every room for cleanliness, turn the air conditioner on, and open the drapes so that your arrival is as pleasant and comfortable as possible.

Special Occasions and Milestones

Ross - Kansas (New 3)

Special occasions and milestones will always be celebrated during tour! State lines, mileage markers, centuries, birthdays, Mother's Day, Father's Day, and more will all be commemorated with photos, food, and fun.

Small Groups

You will never be lost in a group of fifty cyclists on a CrossRoads tour! We limit our groups to twenty-five cyclists, which means our leaders can interact with every person one-on-one and provide personal attention and stellar support. Our cyclists tell us every year that the camaraderie that develops between group members is in large part due to our small groups and attentive leaders.

Bicycle Packing and Shipping

If shipping your bicycle home from tour, CrossRoads and/or our partner bicycle shop will arrange bicycle packing* and shipping, and provide a cardboard bicycle box for a nominal fee. All cyclists will be responsible for any and all fees associated with packing and shipping.

Ride Solo or with Others

You will be free to ride by yourself or with the company of others, checking in with your leaders at each SAG Stop and hotel. Our goal is to offer the ultimate cycling experience and part of that means riding the way you like to ride - alone or with others.

Summary of What's Included

  • Owner Tracy Leiner travels with every group!
  • A minimum of six leaders on every tour
  • Three support vehicles on every tour
  • Luggage delivered to your room daily, before you arrive!
  • Free mechanic labor
  • Business-class hotels
  • Pre-trip telephone support
  • Michael and Michelle
  • Comprehensive training plan
  • Welcome Packet
  • Pre-Departure Guide
  • Travel Planner and Tour Handbook
  • Pre-Trip email introductions
  • Weekly News Flashes
  • Two CrossRoads duffel bags
  • CrossRoads team jersey
  • One to three SAG Stops daily
  • Fresh fruit, nutritious snacks, energy bars, gels daily
  • Lunch on the longer more challenging days
  • Dinner on riding days except evenings before rest days and rest days themselves
  • Breakfast everyday at restaurant and/or hotel
  • Bicycle assembly arranged at start of tour
  • Bicycle packing/shipping arranged at end of tour

Final Days of Tour (Boston)

The last two nights of your Cross Country tour will be spent at the same hotel in the Boston area. Our first night will be celebrated with a special dinner where you and your group members will have the opportunity to share stories of your time together.

You will be nearing the end of an adventure that few people will ever consider. On this night, you will start to understand the depth of your experience, the vastness of your journey and the strength of the camaraderie that has developed. You will have built friendships and memories that will last a lifetime and this will be the evening to savor it all.

Last Day of Riding (To the Atlantic!)

Your last morning will begin with a hearty breakfast prepared by our host hotel. After your last cup of morning coffee with friends, we will gather outside the hotel, and leave in groups of three. You and your gang will pedal fifteen miles to our rendezvous point and our last private gathering as the newest group of Cross Country cyclists. You will be part of a team now, and the final three miles to the Atlantic will be ridden together, two-by-two surrounded by CrossRoads vehicles and your leaders.

Atlantic Roll-in

Your first glimpse of the Atlantic Ocean will bring a rush of emotion as you take the final pedal strokes of your seven-week journey. You will roll into your final destination to the cheers of family and friends who have come to celebrate your achievement. This is YOUR moment! YOUR victory!

Wheel Dip

Bill Whitlow (New)

Photos, hugs and smiles will carry you across the sand to the water's edge. Your ride began in Los Angeles when you dipped your front wheel in the Pacific, and this day you will dip your rear wheel in the Atlantic making your journey a true coast-to-coast event! Courage and tenacity brought you to this point, and the images and emotions will be yours forever, understood only by those who traveled with you!

Final Banquet (Boston)

Our final banquet will be a night to remember! Owner Tracy Leiner will lead the festivities as she and her leaders honor you with achievement awards, story telling, and a multi-media presentation of your journey.

The conclusion of our banquet will begin your re-entry into the "real world", "normal life" and into a time of personal reflection. You will leave us a different person, stronger, more confident, ready to face any challenge presented. Every cyclist who has ever ridden with us will attest to this fact! You have just ridden your bicycle 3,400 miles across the United States of America, under your own power, one pedal stroke at a time and now it's time to celebrate the brave new you!

Our seven-week tour is an exciting, life affirming adventure! Ride the entire tour end to end or split it into multiple segments over multiple years. Join us at any point along our route for any length of time. See Choose a Segment or call for details.

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